Certified Partners™ Program

Certified Partners™

An unmatched global network of field sites and moderators brought to you by Curion Certified Partners™. Each field site and moderator is individually selected, trained and equipped to operate under Curion’s highest standards of excellence. With partners everywhere—from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Moscow, Russia, and Paris, France—wherever your study need be, you can trust that the same high standards are being upheld.

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Trust the Market Leader in Sensory Evaluation

Curion’s clients are among the largest corporations in the world. Because they operate on a global scale, we must as well. To that end, we have created a global network of Curion Certified Partners™ that are individually trained, specifically equipped, professionally staffed, and technologically capable to conduct or moderate a study to Curion’s standards. When a Curion Certified Partner conducts an in-person or online test on behalf of Curion, our clients can trust it has been conducted to the highest standards.

Vetting Our Partner Sites

Curion Certified Partner

Before a field site can become part of our global network, the site is used at least three times wherein each facility is inspected and the staff is evaluated for professionalism and knowledge of sensory research. After being accepted as a Partner, each facility is audited to ensure compliance.

Experienced Moderators for Rich Insights

A talented moderator is a critical thinker, creative, and personable. To be accepted into our database, moderators for in-person, or online focus groups, must qualify through our detailed application process. We will align moderators with projects that best fit the business needs of our clients. To ensure all standards are met, moderators are re-evaluated bi-yearly.