Our Facilities

Specialized Facilities

Curion’s facilities have been specifically designed and constructed with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the proven methods of research, insights, and analysis.

Curion's Specialized Facilities

Curion’s facilities are amongst the largest and most technologically advanced in the world.

Each location has been specifically engineered to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and suitability. From our fully equipped test kitchens with nearly 150 sensory booths to our six large quantitative/qualitative rooms equipped with SMART Boards; these facilities can meet any research need.

Curion Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen

Curion’s test kitchens are state-of-the-art and designed with critical control factors, as well as efficiency, accuracy and quality.

Features include:

  • Nearly 150 individual sensory booths
  • Microwaves, convection and conventional ovens and other necessary food service equipment
  • Industrial frozen and refrigeration storage
  • Climate and pressure controlled booths
  • Significant electrical and gas capacity to handle any project need
  • Secure, individualized storage

Curion Qualitative Suites

Our Qualitative Suite, featuring duel SMART Board interactive whiteboards, has been designed and constructed to meet the specific technical needs of sensory testing research. You can observe testing sessions from a spacious, tiered viewing room, a dedicated conference room and lounge area, or even virtually from your own desktop.

Features of the Qualitative Suite include:

  • Digitally interactive SMART Board
  • Video and audio recording capabilities
  • Observation rooms with one-way window and tiered seating for 10
  • Closed-circuit video feed to Client Conference Rooms for overflow seating
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
Curion Qualitative Suite (Observation Room)
Curion Test Booth

Fragrance and Home Care

At Curion, we led the development of multifunctional Fragrance Booths that offer authenticity and consistency, while eliminating bias, and providing safety, speed, and savings.

Features of Curion Fragrance Evaluation:

  • 10 booths with identical laundry facilities, dishwasher kitchen and boutique sinks
  • Special HVAC settings and lighting
  • Surfaces that do not absorb fragrances
  • Fully wired with audio visual
  • Our Proprietary qPOD® Fragrance & Aroma Testing Technology