Fragrance and aroma are key drivers for consumer acceptance that leads into repeat purchase.

Women participating in a fragrance test

Our Proprietary qPOD® Fragrance & Aroma Testing Technology

US patents 9,021,860 and 9,696,287

The qPOD® is the only mobile evaluation system in the world that delivers authentic, consistent, unbiased, sustained testing, that captures “in-use like “consumer and fragrance and aroma moments.

Bring the voice of your consumer into the product development.

  • Isolate Aroma
  • Accelerate Your Product Development Cycle
  • Taking Your Research Even Further
  • Rapid Screening
  • Protect Prototypes
  • Co-create with Consumers
  • Air Ambiance “Effects”
  • Performance Studies
  • Malodor Control
  • Longevity