S2P™: Sensory Packaging Preference

S2P™: Sensory Packaging Preference

Packaging should uniquely represent the product inside and reflect what matters to your consumers.

Couple sitting in chairs enjoying an outdoor movie with drinks and snacks

Identify Functional & Emotional Benefits to be Emphasized

Develop/ Procure Packaging Prototypes

Qualitative Groups to Gauge Consumer Reactions to Prototypes

Refine Prototypes & Develop Final Prototypes for CLT

Quantitative CLT to Identify Lead Prototype for Development

Deliver Result & Identify Winning Prototype

We make sure your brand is a successful experience and not just a product.

Aspects of your product that have the greatest influence on consumers’ purchase decisions should be reflected in your packaging.

Stand out and communicate at a conscious and subconscious level.

We combined our forward-thinking and successful testing methodologies to create a comprehensive package testing process.