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Wanted: food(ies) for thought

Do you crave flavor? Love speaking your mind? Then you’re just the kind of adventurous foodie we’re seeking.

Join our exclusive community of taste aficionados to shape the latest products the world’s biggest food and drink companies are bringing to market. From new twists on old favorites to brand-new flavors and products, you’ll sample the latest in food and beverages—before they ever hit the market. All you need is an adventurous palate and the willingness to channel your inner food critic.

Equally curious and opinionated about products other than food and beverage? You’re in luck. Here at Curion, consumers just like you also test a variety of consumer products, including cosmetics, home care, and personal care.

As a member of our taster and tester community, you’ll make a difference in what’s available on the market. You’ll be a welcome guest in our state-of-the-art facilities, and you’ll always be compensated for your time. Best of all, joining is free.

This link will take you to a registration page. The first thing you’ll be asked for is your contact information. Your privacy is incredibly important to us. The information we collect will be stored on a secure site and will ONLY be used to contact you regarding these exclusive taste tests and other unique project opportunities. Without it, we can’t reach you and to reiterate, your information will never be sold or used by a third party.

Thanks again for your interest! We look forward to tickling your taste buds.

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“Literally the best job someone could have for a day— try some pretzels and tell them what you think.”

– Ana Belaval, Around Town, WGN 9 Morning News